Climax Ceilidh Band

Climax Ceilidh Band is one of the most highly experienced and respected English ceilidh bands with excellent musicians and an experienced, friendly caller.



We play a wide variety of tunes for dancing, both original and taken from traditional sources. We also have a repertoire of tunes to play between dances.


Climax has the perfect package for your festival ceilidh.

Facts & Figures

Line-up, costs, timings, first dances, and a whole lot more.

 Why Ceilidh?

Suitable for everyone

Ceilidhs are great fun and suitable for everyone, no matter what age or dancing ability. You don't need a partner so everyone can be included.

Live music, adapted to suit

You get top musicians playing live, with a caller who will entice people to join in. Our caller adapts the dances to suit the dancers and the emphasis is on having a good time rather than doing it 'right'. The music is based on traditional folk, so will sound familiar, plus we mix in contemporary influences to create our unique high energy sound.

No experience needed

You don't need any prior experience. The dances are pretty easy and a caller will show you exactly what to do and help you as the dance goes on.


"Thank you so much for the terrific dancing. I hadn't imagined that quite so many of the family guests would have a go, so well done for getting them up. Brilliant tunes, too (naturally)" more ...

Party ceilidh


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