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Private Gigs

"I just wanted to say massive thank you to the band for saturday- it was amazing and everyone enjoyed it so much!"

"We had a terrific night with over 100 tickets sold. That is a record in recent months so statistically it was a climax. The 100 tickets included a load of new faces who looked to be having a wonderful time. A climax on that score too. The music was great all night . (RUFF ceilidh, Cardiff)"

"Absolutely fantastic! Much patience with a group of novices. Didn't stop smiling and laughing throughout!"

Public Gigs

"5/5 The band were fantastic, very friendly, relaxed and experienced. Everyone had a great time, thank you so much."

"Thank you for coming along and playing for the Quadrangle barn dance , I've had lots of good feedback ."

"This is just to say how much we enjoyed ourselves last night and much of that was down to your music keeping the party going and Rachel trying to keep us all in step - a hopeless task which she undertook with great gusto and humour. Please let everyone know that we had a wonderful time and thank you and them for their part in that. I have been aching all over today but in a very good way! A terrific time was had by all! Thanks again"

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